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826 N 100 E
Spanish Fork, UT 84660
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Suncrest Aviation has gained

Suncrest Aviation has gained a reputation most recently for being an unethical and dishonest school. Raising helicopter prices without telling students, covering up accidents, lieing to instructors and students, and putting less and less care into students best interest and more and more care into financial interests.

The average student that graduates from Suncrest Aviation has spent over $110,000. It is advised to stay away from this school.

You are so dissatisfied with

You are so dissatisfied with Suncrest Aviation but have not left your name, why? What are you afraid of? Are you a former student or instructor yourself to have such insight? How do you know the average amount of money students have spent? Were you a bookkeeper for the company? Please expound on the claims you have made. What accidents have been covered up? What are the lies that were told to the students and/or instructors? Explain how less care is given to students and how the only concern is financial gain. You advise people to stay away from this school so please give your name and email so others may contact you to discuss the reality of your claims. Additionally, you need to work on your grammer. Perhaps your lack of education has diluted your perception of reality. I have read too many posts like this that come from either a student who lacks the fortitude to become a worthwhile pilot or an instructor with very low aircraft time who is conceited and overconfident and thinks he or she knows everything there is to know about aviation. These type of people lack the humility to realize their ineptness so they like to project their feelings of self loathing to the school that was attended. So don't talk trash about anyone unless you have the balls and evidence to back up your statements!

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