Electric Plane is Test Flown over Spain

Boeing has completed test flights of a two-seater airplane powered solely by fuel cells and lithium-ion batteries. During liftoff the plane used both of these power sources. Upon reaching a cruising altitude of 1000 meters, the batteries were disconnected and the plane flew for about 20 minutes at 100 km/h powered only by the fuel cells.

Fuel cells are an intriguing power system and have most commonly been used in space vehicles. They convert hydrogen directly into electricity and heat. Water is the only exhaust product.

We shouldn't expect to see commercially viable electric planes any time soon. Aviation applications will most likely include small unmanned aircraft or auxiliary power systems.

One question... If and when

One question... If and when they ever do become commercially available, will the advertising say in the small print: Batteries not included?

I thought for sure they would have consulted "Doc" and rather used the "Mr. Fusion" power plant he had on the DeLorean. a few banana skins, an apple core or 2, and wheee, away we go.
Who knows, maybe they are, and I just spilled the beans on them... nuts, Sorry, Boeing.

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An electric aircraft is an

An electric aircraft is an aircraft that runs on electric motors rather than internal combustion engines, with electricity coming from fuel cells, solar cells. thanks for sharing the informative post.
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