Am I too old to enroll in an integrated pilot program?

I'm 32 years old and I have a school offer to do their integrated pilot program. My concern is, is it too late especially since airliners tend to employ younger pilots. By the time I graduate I will be 34 to 35. Thank you.

One of your readers recently wrote in with this question. Thoughts anyone - please chime in with your advice or personal experience.

That is something we really

That is something we really need to know. Because if age really does matter then it can be a good sign of discrimination. We have equal rights and I think age will not matter for applying everywhere.

Actually, in the US, a

Actually, in the US, a commercial pilot can continue to fly until he is 60. Certain organizations, however, have managed to push the age of mandatory pilot requirement up to age 65. Three Asian countries have already raised the pilot age ceiling but as of the moment, airlines in the US and in Europe have yet to follow, despite the fact that European Joint Aviation Authorities have seem no medical reason why pilots cannot be allowed to fly up until the age of 70.

While no commercial airline is going to admit to ageism, note that most prefer to hire pilots who are under 40.

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Hi Morgan. Although you

Hi Morgan. Although you maybe a little on the older side, you are definitely not too old to become a commercial pilot. I took flying lessons at around your age and it didn't stop me from having a rewarding career as a commercial pilot. If you graduate when you are 35, you still have at least another 25 years as a working pilot.

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