Stars & Stripes Air Services: Flight School


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We cater to those looking for one on one instruction and offer a pay as you go school to acquire a Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Instrument Rating, Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI), and Certificated Flight Instructor Instrument Rating (CFII).


Stars & Stripes Air Services: Flight School
1251 Airport Rd.
Boulder City, NV 89005
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This is a wonderful flight

This is a wonderful flight school. I recieved my private pilot certificate with Stars and Stipes. They are always friendly and scheduling was always easy to do. I recommend them.

I attended an FAA FAST

I attended an FAA FAST safety even hosted by Stars and Stripes.
I talked with their owne and soon as he found out I already had all of my ratings he ignored me. He is just like most small business men in aviaiton; very nervous.

I can say however that his cheof flight instructor is a class act and the owner would do well to make him the face of the flight school becasue the owner just has a sleazy used car dealer aire about him.

The planes seem okay and the mechanics a little less than professional, but then again, mecahnics are mechanics because they are not really people persons are they?

The school overall is WAY better than the rip off's at West Air Aviation in N LAs Vegas and WAY WAY WAY WAY better than the so called school which is really a so called flying club called Monarch.

So all in all Stars is the best thing in Vegas. Which is really sad because I rented from some real decnet places in other cities like ORL or SAN or CHS.

You know you suck when Charleston SC offers better options than ALL of Las Vegas.

This place is ripe for a professional pilot school! (besides ATP, which is a mill, but a true professional mill.)

The process and decision

The process and decision making to become a pilot is a life changing experience and takes a lot of commitment. But what's even more important is probably the right choice of a school, where you will be able to acquire new skills and develop your talent. Have read lots of articles about Stars and Stripes with only positive references. If I had the need to choose a school, that would be this one.

Good flight school for those

Good flight school for those with absolutely no experience, but advanced learners may prefer to look somewhere else. However, flight schools are scarce in NV... If you are looking to rack up your flight miles to get a license, this school is a good option. They have good equipment and ground support for that.

This flight school is great.

This flight school is great. I highly recommend this flight school. They have a very accommodating staff and an excellent facility. It is a must having a good staff equip with good quality equipment.

For building a successful

For building a successful carrier in aviation by selecting a leading Flight training school is most smartest decision where flight school offers fabulous opportunity to students for fulfilling their dreams in aviation.To improve skill and knowledge required for airline pilot careers ,innovative techniques and efficient flight training programs are essential things that every school should provide.Leadership coaching Florida

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