Silver Wings Aviation Academy




Silver Wings Aviation Academy is the newest and most modern aviation center of Puerto Rico.

Silver Wings officially began to serve the aviation community in 2008 after establishing the following specialized services: Aviation Academy for Airplanes and Helicopters, CATS Testing Center, Fleet Management, Sightseeing Tours, Sky Media Billboards, Aircraft Rentals, Medical Examiner, amongst more.


Fernando Ribas Dominicci Airport
Hangar 4, North Ramp
San Juan, PR 00907
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My wife and I,are planning a

My wife and I,are planning a trip to Puerto Rico.
I would like to rent a single engine aircraft and fly around the island..What are your requirements.and check out process
and rates , and type of aircraft you have available..

As soon as you appear they

As soon as you appear they provide you with the best welcome and take you within the workplace just like ATP University or University of Northern Dakota. Don't discuss around they go directly whit the real program. The best factor is that you don't have to buy Ear cell cellular phones, Petrol expert or any other needless products. In a easy term "WOW" they are exclusive in Puerto Rico there are more individuals around but whit a different risk. See you soon individuals. I think this is a very nice academic for our school and so that our standard will be nice and also we can be a good and fluent in reading and writing some education for college

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