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We offer all types of flight instruction to fit your needs. Our highly qualified instructors are always available to help you with your training needs.


Hangar C, 1034 Millstone River Road
Hillsborough, NJ 08844
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Great school! They have an

Great school! They have an amazing IFR 172 that they use for primary through instrument training, a 152 Aerobat, a 172 RG and a Cirrus. They're a part 141 school but I got my instrument and commercial ratings as a part 61 student there.

Well the flight school has a

Well the flight school has a great selection of aircrafts, and I always enjoy the Cessna 172 they got. Although I never got to see their Cirrus, which would've been an awesome aircraft to fly. Their airplanes are great for flight training, however my experience with this flight school was just terrible! They don't seem to organize themselves very well and I was their student starting in December 2007 all the way to May 2008 and out of that entire time I only ended up with 4 1/2 hours of flight time in my log book. I can't seem to get atleast two flying lessons a week instead of two or less flying lessons a month! I mean it is very understandable that a flight will cancell due to bad weather, but that wasn't the case. Alot of times when I was scheduled, the manager of the flight school, James Young, who was my instructor, was always out of town for some emergency without notify me about it in advance, except I would just drive several miles all the way from home to the flight school and end up turning around. Or that time I was scheduled for a flying lesson, and I arrived that day and the folks behind the counter says "umm. . . your not on the schedule today". And I looked closely and I see my name erased off and the guy behind the counter says "ohh ok I see your name there, somebody must have erased you off". And because of that my flight was cancelled! So I drove all the way for nothing again. And later I wanted to submit in my application for the pilot finance enrollment for student loans so I can make my flying lessons more affordable and have atleast 2 to 3 lessons a week, and two months later I checked with them on my application because I don't understand how it can take 2 months to submit an application. So I went to the airport and found out that obviously they never submitted my application in because it got LOST!!! There's more by the way. The manager of the flight school, James Young, who was also my flight instructor has an attitude problem. And when I went flying with him, for atleast one lesson, he was really given me a hard time up there, and making all my lesson so complicated! I mean he wouldn't let me trim the nose down alittle because the plane kept pitching upward and my arms were getting tired while struggling to keep the planes nose leveled with the horizon, with the steering yoke pushed all the way forward!! He eventually helped me push the yoke forward, and then my arms eventually couldn't take it anymore so I started slowly taking my hands off the yoke while he has the controls and suddenly he yells at me "ARE YOU PULLING ME BACK??!!!!!". And later he started flying me over to the lakes and he pointed me to the reservoirs and asked me "you see the reservoirs over there??", and I just saw multiple lakes, I didn't know which was a reservoir, and his reply to that was "HOWS YOUR EYE SITE?!!!!!". He kept yelling at me all along up there!! I was even having a hard time taxiing the plane on the ground!! So I thought i'd better schedule myself with another instructor. And that other instructor that James hired was the greatest instructor ever, up until I was scheduled for the second flight up with him and suddenly I arrived to the airport and was told that he quit his job with Privilege Aero and went somewhere else! Jeez man!! So then I said to myself "that's it, i'm done!" and went to another flight school. I didn't think it was fair to me for James to take his anger out on me for whatever is bothering him and I'm paying him several amounts of money to hire him to teach me how to fly! So now I am taking lessons at Solberg Airport. Their Cessna 172s are much older models, but they are still fun to fly. They've got two 172s and five 152s, and a C-172S/P, which i'll be using for instrument ratings. They've got six flight instructors and I can schedule myself two to three flights a week with no inconvenience. The lady behind the counter, Mrs. Solberg, who is one of the owners of the airport, is also very generous for calling me ahead of time to notify me of any cancellations, just so I wouldn't have to drive all the way, and I can easily schedule myself for another flight during the same week, or heck, another instructor that same day would be available to continue my flying lessons. Also Mrs. Solberg submitted my Pilots Finance application in just one day, and i'm now approved and I can now expect to get my private pilots license in less than a year!

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