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Epic Flight Academy, Epic Aviation located in Central Florida, has been training pilots since 1999. Epic Aviation has truly stood above the rest, focusing 100% on quality, safety, and time. We train student pilots to the highest standards in a timely manner. For years central Florida has been an international flight training location, training over 20% of the world’s pilots. Epic Aviation is strategically positioned in New Smyrna Beach Florida.

Epic Aviation’s flight training program offers two separate courses. One is a fixed price Airline Training Program, taking the student from zero experience to Commercial Multi- Engine pilot. Classes start once a month and are backed by our 30 day money back guarantee! The other option is the Individual Courses, allowing the student to complete any FAA pilot course. Start an individual course at any time and complete at your own pace!


New Smyrna Beach Airport
600 Skyline Drive
New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168
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Please do yourself a favor

Please do yourself a favor and stay as far away from this one as you can. They take full money upfront, but dont have money to pay bills. They sell guarantee course and now they kick everyone off the course. Housing is sold included in course, and so many have been kicked out of housing, and we go to office and find out they kick us out when lease comes up. They leave us stranded like dogs. If you retaliate they kick you out. Parents call n call n call n no one answers the phones, or cell phones.
Liers and Cheats.
Only 2 students in new batch. No one wants to come here.
just come to Ocean Oaks to talk to the unhappy.

Epic Aviation is Broke! Epic

Epic Aviation is Broke!

Epic Aviation does not have the money to pay the students back for the 30 day money back guarantee or the money to pay their bills.

Do not go to Epic Aviation until they properly fund their business.

School has come along way..

School has come along way.. I just completed My Multi commercia and although the training did not come easy I feel I recieved some of the best training in the world

Just completed my multi

Just completed my multi engine in 30 days. Epic's new chief pilot and staff has really helped me reach me dream.

never been happier I

never been happier I completed my Multi commercial and now converting my FAA in Columbia. I do not konw what the reviews mean above. However, Epic is roking and rollen you should see for yourself

I honestly dont know what

I honestly dont know what are these guys problems, if you are serious about aviation then you will have no problem here. I did everything from private to multi commercial in 6 months, of course there were delays, but that happens in every school. The flight instructors are HIGHLY knowledgeable, and the aircrafts are relatively new, their oldest one is from 2005. If you are serious about becoming a professional pilot you will go trough your training quick and you will be here writing a good review like im doing.. if you are irresponsible and lazy you'll be writing a bad review, like some of the guys are doing. If you have any questions just add me on skype, its felopilot, ill show you what I mean

I want to know if you offer

I want to know if you offer aeronautical engineering in this institution. Please include the amount of fees, duration and accommodation, promising not to leave out any expense.
Waiting for prompt responds please.

George, I'm soon being


I'm soon being brought on board with Epic to develop their VA program further and help with tuition assistance for Veterans. To answer your question, they do not offer aeronautical engineering. From my understanding, and with the information I have right in fromt of me right now, they offer 3 different degrees while enrolled in the Professional Pilot Program at Epic- Bachelor of Science in Aviation, Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership, and Associate of Science in Aviation through Mountain State University. They're a well known school in the aviation industry. With that said, the courses that you can take while you are at Epic do transfer to say Embry-Riddle which saves you a lot of money (trust me). Their aeronautical engineering program is probably one of the best in the nation. If you aren't familiar with the area, Epic Aviation is only about 15-20 minutes south from ERAU's campus. Feel free to respond to me back. I'm also a masters degree student at ERAU.. might be able to help you out if need be.


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