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1105 North Memorial Drive
Greenville, NC 27834
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I am a rising senior at New

I am a rising senior at New Bern High School, in North carolina. I am very interested in becoming a professional pilot but i do not want to go to an out of state college. dillions aviation seems like a very nice school that i would attend.

There is a better school in

There is a better school in New Bern, Tradewind Aviation . Dillons is not a good school thought they have a few good instructors. The owner is a crook.

Got my private certificate

Got my private certificate at the KFAY branch last year, didn't have any issues. My instructor was great. But you can probably do it for less money elsewhere!

What more could you tell me

What more could you tell me about your bad experience?
Can you be more specific about the owner being a crook?
Thanks. I would hate to get taken, too.

I am presently taking flying

I am presently taking flying lessons at Washington/Warren Field with Robert Widner from Tradewind Aviation. I previously flew at Dillon's in Greenville. I felt I was being strung along and hours added. I am very happy now and progressing at my ability.

I have flown off and on with

I have flown off and on with Dillon's Aviation since the late 80's and I highly recommend them. Their Diamond Aircraft are more expensive to rent but I think the G-1000 experience is well worth the extra cost.

Dillons aircraft are not

Dillons aircraft are not his, they have terrible maintenance work done on them. Yes the G 1000 is nice, that is $165 an hour. You can fly at most places for much less. Most students that go to to learn at dillons aviation get to fly on average an extra 10-15 hours to get their private licence. That is of course costing them the money to do so. With at least one instructor, there is also many extra hours of unneeded and unwanted ground training to up the cost for the student. I too got my licence there years ago and back then it was not to bad. It has turned into a money pit for any student that wishes to learn now.
That is not to mention that if you look up the planes he is using on the web, you will find that all but Two are up for sale or sold and no longer available. It seems his plane owners are not happy with him as well.

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