Best Glide - Aviation Survival Equipment

Best Glide Wilderness, Personal and Aviation Survival Equipment, Survival Kits and Gear

Best Glide ASE is a premier supplier of high quality survival kits, survival equipment and gear to individuals, corporations and the US Government. Best Glide’s customers include the USMC, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, FBI, DEA, Customs and Border Protection, Department of the Interior, NASA, Search and Rescue Organizations, Missionary Flight Organizations and others. Come see why some many have made Best Glide ASE their home for quality, and reasonably priced, survival equipment and disaster preparedness gear.

Wow..this place has

Wow..this place has everything you need to either buy or build your own high quality survival kit. They have lots of great individual items too. I bought one of their Wilderness Survival Kits for my wife's car. It is best I have seen in a long time.

Excellent link.The website

Excellent link.The website has lots of products you need to buy or build your own high quality suvival kit.Thanks for sharing.

Good equipment to have

Good equipment to have onboard. Do you guys also sale wholesale?

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