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Concorde - The Greatest Plane Ever Built?

"At Mach2 it was quite literally ‘faster than a speeding bullet’. It could carry 100 passengers in style. So was Concorde the best plane that the aviation industry has ever built? And just why is there no modern replacement? Concorde flies faster than the speed of rotation of the earth. It’s like a time machine. If the plane leaves..."read more | digg story

AVCRASH : Plane Crashes on Google Maps

Mix the GPS coordinates that the FAA and NTSB use to track airplane crashes and Google Maps API and the end result is a resourceful aviation tool.read more | digg story

The Next Big Wing in Aviation

Boeing X-48BBoeing X-48B
Boeing's new X-48B is aviation stripped down to the basics — all wing, with no tail and no distinct fuselage. Slated to begin test flights this year, the Blended Wing Body (BWB) prototype measures just 21 ft. across but may herald an era of truly massive heavy lifters, with enough internal volume to hold vast amounts of cargo and as many as 800 passengers.

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FAA issues 1st-ever space tourism rules

The rules issued Friday by the Federal Aviation Administration mandate training and medical fitness evaluations for crew members, preflight testing and other steps companies must take before getting licenses to carry paying passengers into the beyond.read more | digg story

Traffic Reporter Makes Emergency Landing

Pilot Pete Michaels who was experiencing a landing gear malfunction lands his airplane safely.read more | digg story

Nova examines the deadliest plane crash in aviation history.

On March 27, 1977, on the island of Tenerife, two fully loaded 747 jumbo jets collided on a fog-blanketed runway, claiming the lives of 583 people in what is still the deadliest crash in aviation history.read more | digg story

TSA Now Investigating Boarding Pass Hacker

On Wednesday afternoon, Soghoian received a letter from the TSA informing him that the agency is conducting its own investigation into the allegation that he "attempted to circumvent an established civil aviation security program established in the Transportation Security Regulations."read more | digg story

nonstop to Africa

In Atlanta on Monday afternoon, Dec. 4, the scene at Gate E12 was pandemonium. There was barely room to move amid a crush of elbows and carry-ons, and it was tough to hear the announcements above the din. It was noisy, frantic and disorganized.read more | digg story

Even snails want to fly

Insane RC Helicopter