Carbon Neutral Aviation - Flying Green recently challenged Helium Report (an online resource for wealthy consumers) to create a "How to Live Large on a Small Footprint" environmental guide for the wealthy. In response, Helium Report recently wrote a great article on carbon-neutral flying for private jet owners.

It got me thinking about how pilots and aviation enthusiasts of all economic levels could "fly green".

LightHawk, a volunteer-based environmental aviation organization, recently announced that they had worked with to offset their carbon footprint by investing in renewable energy projects. is a non-profit that helps individuals, businesses and organizations to reduce their climate impact. LightHawk also uses GAMIjectors in their Cessna 206 for greater fuel efficiency.

TerraPass is a similar organization that helps you to calculate your carbon footprint and then direct some money into renewable energy projects that counterbalance your own emissions. They provide a cool flight emissions calculator that lets you see how much carbon is emitted when you fly from point A to point B on commercial jet flights.

What ideas do you have for flying green?

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